Trading Products


1、The most liquid market

2、Six trillion dollars a day

3、T+0 trades, 24 hours a day

4、More than 170 currencies

5、27 times larger than stock market

Precious Metal

1、Liquid financial markets

2、Two-way trading

3、Unique & generalized

4、Margin trading

5、T+0 transaction


1、Support two-way trading

2、T + 0 ,trading the day

3、Cash delivery, high liquidity

4、High bar,capital utilization rate

5、Connect to global financial markets

Crude Oil

1、Global products with sufficient

2、T+0 two-way trading

3、Simple operation, single variety

4、Volatility is a great opportunity

5、High leverage margin trading

Our Advantage

Big customer smart choice

Hundreds of large trading teams have joined us

Is regulated by FSP

Ensure funding is transparent, safe and credible

Lower spread cost

Trading in ECN environment, and the spread cost is as low as 0 point

A team with 8 years of experience

Provide comprehensive trading support services

We promise

Provide a high-quality trading environemt

Compliance with high standards


MT5 is a world-class trading platform, which makes your transactions faster and more stable, efficient and transparent for a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems.