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What is the Stop Out Level?

2019-08-26 星期一 15:44:08 HCFX

The Stop Out Level is a kind of risk management because the margin ratio triggers the Stop Out Level set by the dealer. Therefore, when the customer’s trading margin is not sufficient and is not made up within the specified time, or the amount of the customer’s inventory exceeds the specified limit, or when the customer is in violation, the broker will perform the compulsory closing of the unclosed contract held by the customer in order to prevent further expansion of the risk.

The Margin Call Lever ratio of HCFX is 120%, that is, when the Equity/ Margin is equal or less than 120%, the client transaction column displays red to show a warning.

The Stop Out Level ratio of HCFX is 100%, that is, when the Equity/Margin is equal or less than 100%, the system will force the closing of trading orders from high to low losses.

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