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       Process steps (right click to open image in new TAB)

In the first step of wire remittance, choose to purchase foreign exchange and fill in the relevant information, where * number is required, and fill in the corresponding account information of transfer and transfer, read the notes carefully after filling in, and check to enter the next step.

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    After selecting cross-border remittance, relevant information shall be filled in according to the content of the template to enter the next step.

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    Fill in the relevant information of payment, where * number is required, and the use of funds shall be filled in according to the template. After checking the matters needing attention, choose the consistent one and click submit to enter the next step.

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    Check the relative information of payee and payer as well as domestic fees and overseas agent bank fees, and then proceed to the next step.

  • 4

    Finally generate electronic receipt, click submit, and view the relevant matters needing attention.

    Note: this tutorial takes the mobile banking telegraphic transfer of industrial and commercial bank of China as an example. If you use another bank or have other problems in the telegraphic transfer process, please consult the relevant bank customer service. After completing the remittance, please be sure to submit the remittance receipt to the system.


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