Got you better in trading’s world

HC group, founded in 2017, is a broker providing global financial derivatives trading services including foreign exchange, precious metals, contracts for difference, etc., and a risk control team with years of financial market trading experience.

The group has always been practicing its original intention to provide safe, transparent and low-cost financial trading environment for traders.

  • Compliance&Supervision

    HC is recognized and regulated by Financial Services Provider (FSP) of New Zealand . Customer’s capital is kept separately at Westpac and Citibank which is completely segregated from the company’s operating account to ensure your capital is absolutely safe.

  • Counterparty lookup

    HC cooperates with multiple liquidity of the world’s banks, such as Swiss Bank, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, etc. Each customer’s order can be inquired after the transaction, so that your transaction is more transparent and more assured.

  • No middleman costs

    HC provides customers with the direct spread cost of bank liquidity which is as low as 0 point. The true ECN trading model ensures you to win from better trading conditions.

HC core values
  • Sincere

    Work together to achieve a win-win future

  • Pure

    Transparent international financial market

  • Friendly

    24-hour caring service